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QikAcademy provides courses in the latest Internet technology to help you improve your online presence. All of the training materials have been tried and tested in the industry and have been thoroughly documented and presented in a series of 6 hour training courses. Please check the schedule for next training in your area.

Use social media to stay in touch with your customers, provide differentiation in your market, and effectively communicate your value proposition.

You can get more online exposure through social media.
As a business owner you want your business to get more exposure and become more visible to your target audience.

A good branding will help you build a better reputation.
That's why 71% of business owners are using social media for brand awareness.

Throughs social media you can hear what people say
Social listening is what is called, a process where you "listen" to people's thoughts and insights through social media.

You can generate leads through the help of Social Media sites.
Social networking sites can help you generate targeted leads in your business which will ultimately result into more sales.

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